The first Hybrid L2

The first L2 that combines Bitcoin and Ethereum security and liquidity

BOB Fusion Season 1 is live

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BOB (Build on Bitcoin) is the first Bitcoin L2 with Full EVM compatibility & native Bitcoin support empowering everyton to build and innovate on Bitcoin.

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What is BOB?

BOB (Build on Bitcoin) enables DeFi and innovation across all fields of Bitcoin use cases & experimentation. Whatever you're building on Bitcoin, BOB is your swiss-army-knife for all things build on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin meets EVM

At the core, BOB leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to enable the creation and execution of smart contracts ensuring compatibility with existing developer tooling, wallets, as well as key block explorers and data analytics infrastructure.

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Rollup functionality, Bitcoin security animation

Rollup functionality, Bitcoin security

Secured by Bitcoin, natively connected to Ethereum. BOB's cutting edge rollup stack achieves best-in-class security while being only 1-click away from every Ethereum user, app and exchange.

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Public Testnet

The BOB Public Testnet is now live on Sepolia Ethereum testnet. Try out our deployed demos

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Use our forum to talk about novel research or to simply share ideas with like minded builders

Developer Resources

Check out our comprehensive developer docs & access resources to develop novel protocols on Bitcoin

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BOB will always be biased towards building and action.
Our roadmap reflects that.

Phase 0
Public testnet
Public testnet showcasing the power of Bitcoin and EVM
Phase 1
Bootstrapping BOB:
Optimistic ETH Roll-up
Access to assets, users, and liquidity. Part of ETH L2 ecosystem
Phase 2
Bitcoin Security
Inherit BTC security via new merged mining protocol  (PoW "restaking")
Phase 3
ZK Validation
Upgrade from optimistic rollup to ZK validation
Phase 4
BTC-Staked Sequencers
Sequencers with BTC stake via BitVM, one-time signatures, and ZK proofs
Phase 5
Multi-ZK-Rollup to ETH and BTC
Multi-ZK-rollup, connected to both BTC and ETH